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Educating for the future. Educate the human mind to cope with the challenges and opportunities of the future. How do we teach young people to be ready for a society disrupted by Artificial Intelligence. The minds of the future. The minds we need to develop in younger generations Disciplined mind, synthetic mind, creative mind, respectful mind, and ethical mind.

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Our Mission, Vision, and Belief

At Vendani we’re committed to nurture a highly disciplined and motivated individual. An individual who acquires the knowledge rather than memorizing, who uses the knowledge rather than storing it, who thinks freely and can express their ideas explicitly, who have an international vision, is deeply committed to core values such as morality, integrity, respect, and hard work.


Welcome to Vendani Kids Center

In the internet age, a world where everything can be accessed with a single click, there is a need to rethink how we educate our children and the entire philosophy of education. There is also a need to evaluate our methods of teaching and the skills that students acquire in the course of their education. With this in mind, we have started Vendani Schools, a group of model schools that will bring high-quality education at an affordable cost.