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About Us

Education is the 4th Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) and the UN states that Obtaining a quality education is the foundation for creating sustainable development.

However, six decades after independence, education is still one of Kenya’s main challenges. The 8-4-4 education system launched in 1985 has faced numerous challenges and many experts argue that it has failed in its objective of helping students to secure self-employment or employment in the formal sector.

However, education is barely about the system itself or the number of years spent in primary or secondary school but rather about the outcome that is an educated person.

As Dr. Wandia Njoya argues,

“Education is also about philosophy (why we teach), sociology (impact of society on education and vice versa), economics (how we fund education and education’s economic value), psychology (what education does to our minds and our self-esteem), history (how we have educated over the years), pedagogy (what skills teachers use in the classroom).”

In the internet age, a world where everything can be accessed with a single click, there is a need to rethink how we educate our children and the entire philosophy of education. There is also a need to evaluate our methods of teaching and the skills that students acquire in the course of their education. With this in mind, we have started Vendani Schools, a group of model schools that will bring high-quality education at an affordable cost.

Our Classes

Our Daycare services are open to kids from 6 Months.
PP 1
PP 1 at Vendani Kids Center Covers 4-year-old kids.
PP 2
PP 2 at Vendani Kids Center covers 5-year-old kids.
Our Playgroup caters for ages between 2 and 4 years.

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